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happy 2013

it turns out, in 2012 i had even less time to blog. i started a new full time job, and am now in the final stages of dissertation writing. craft project time was (and continues to be) at a premium. but at the end of the year, and especially around christmas, i threw myself into making a few things. above: paper snowflakes on the shoji doors in my apartment. i love these--thinking about leaving them up all winter.

some christmas paper crafts, plus decorations from the 100 yen shop.

actually, this was the first project of the christmas season: paper cut out light covers (lights from ikea).

chrismas mantle (tiny felt tree from muji; the tiny paper chain was a fun project)

and a new teapot and calendar for 2013. in japan, new years is a quiet holiday, spent with family at home, eating, visiting the shrine. starting out the new year with a clean house from top to bottom. this year i actually did the oosoji (big new years cleaning)! now just to see if it sticks.

ikuta shrine in kobe

2013 is the year of the snake (image from crictor, modified ;-)

i dont really like snakes, but i always loved the illustrations and the story of crictor the boa constrictor.

happy 2013 to you and yours!

hopefully it will involve crafts...once i start it's hard to stop.



support tohoku through funbaro project

today is the 11 month anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami in tohoku on 3.11.2011.

as i have mentioned here before, by main work/study in japan is related to disaster recovery, and in the past 11 months, i have been focusing on the tohoku area, trying to think about how i can contibute, by volunteering or more related to information sharing. actually i started another blog, as a kind of information resouce about the disaster and recovery, here:

up until now, my interests in disaaster recovery and crafts have been pretty much separate. but as we are approaching 1 year, and i have been thinking more about liveilhood recovery in the tohoku region, i keep feeling that they area connected -- the handmade and craft aspect of livelihood recovery -- and feeling like i can perhaps do just a little bit to connect them more in this blog.

and just as i was wishing there was an etsy store to sell products made by folks in tohoku...i found out that there already is!!!

the handmade support project etsy shop is doing just that! and selling bags and japanese slippers (those are the one's in the image at the top of this post) made by disaster survivors from minami sanriku as part of the funbaro project.

and, not only are they selling the projects on etsy, it's part of the larger funbaro project, and they received sewing machines to support economic independence. how awesome is that!!

so support these folks! either by buying from them, or spreading the word. and if you know of other crafty projects that support japan's recovery, please let me know, and i would be more than happy to share them.


little houses project