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reading tutor online translation site

reading tutor is my website of choice for translating japanese to english.

if you can cut and paste japanese text into the box, the translation tool will generate english word by word. a real help for dealing with websites and whole paragraphs as well as single words.


point and speak japanese

this is undoubtably THE BEST phrasebook. with cute cartoon illustrations, it is organized in a logical thematic way and very easy to use. one of things that makes it exceptional is that it combines practical getting-around information (like the tokyo train and subway system) with other useful words and phrases.

the point and speak series (japanese publisher) is huge and mainly geared towards japanese speakers who are visiting other countries around the world. the japan version is available in various editions for native speakers of other languages, so keep an eye out that you are indeed getting the english/japanese version.

this phrasebook is now available as an iphone/ipad app, which includes audio.

this book is hard to find outside of japan. if you are looking for a copy, let me know, i'd be glad to find one for you.



a note on plant names in japanese

the japanese language uses three writing systems, the pictorial kanji, and 2 phonetic syllabaries: hiragana and katakana.  japanese is primarily the combination of kanji and hiragana. katakana is used for emphasis and foreign loan words. it's also used for scientific names, including plant species, so the words for dye plants are written with kanji or katakana. in an effort to make it easier to look up further information, i've tried to include all the ways of writing plant names whenever possible.