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junkudo ジュンク堂 book store

address: 神戸市中央区三宮町1-6-18

junkudo is the largest book store in kobe. on the central shopping arcade (sannomiya center gai), it has 4 floors, including a good selection of craft books on the 3rd floor, and english books/guidebooks/textbooks.

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yuzawaya ユザワヤ

kobe yuzawaya ユザワヤ神戸店

address: 1-3-26 sannomiya cho, chuo ku, kobe city, hyogo.

hours: 10:30-7:30

yuzawaya is a national chain that sells a huge variety of fabrics, printing, painting, scupture, wood, leather, beads, and pretty much any craft supply you can think of.

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website: kobe branch

the kobe yuzawaya store is centrally located, near sannomiya JR and hankyu stations. next door to mizuho bank.

if you are going to be in japan for a year or longer, you can save money by signing up for a yuzawaya point card. for a small fee, you recieve a discount on all purchases (excluding books), and also build up points that you can redeem for discounts.


muji restaurant

larger muji stores also have muji restaurants, usually at the basement level, where you can choose items a la carte, or try a healthy combination meal.

in the kansai area, muji restaurants are in the kyoto muji, the kobe muji store (in the kobe BAL building) and in the osaka namba muji store.


tokyu hands

東急ハンズ三宮店 tokyu hands sannomiya store

address: 〒650-0011 神戸市中央区下山手通2-10-1

hours: 10:30〜20:30 everyday

here's the tokyu hands store in kobe (near the sannomiya JR or hankyu train station, or the subway). tokyu hands is the best. self proclaimed d.i.y. headquarters, tokyu hands has pretty much anything you can think of for any craft project you may be planning. 7 floors, each with an A, B, and C subsection.

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if you are going to be in japan for any length of time, you can save money and get free stuff by signing up for the tokyu hands point card. for every purchase, you receive points, which can be redeemed for a number of promotional objects, or discounts on future purchases.