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umeda 梅田

umeda 梅田(うめだ)is one of the main shopping areas and transit interchanges in osaka. umeda station is the main hub of the hankyu train line in osaka, and from both it and nearby JR osaka station it's convenient to transfer to the osaka subway system.


loft umeda address:


loft is a little bit similar to tokyu hands, with housewares and a great selection of stationary products.

muji (inside loft)

the muji at umeda is the top floor (8th) of loft.

the closest exit from the hankyu station to loft/muji is the chayamachi exit, which also leads right past a ghibli character goods shop (tottoro, etc.) inside the station, and is very close to a yummy bagel and bagel cafe that faces the street be is in the station building.

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map showing the location of the loft/muji building in the umeda area.


one of the japanese giant bookstore chains (see more about japanese bookstores here). inside hankyu umeda station, it's very convenient especially if you are transferring between the hankyu and subway. this branch tends to be quite crowded, and the craft book selection is a little limited and thumbed through, but worth a look.


namba 南場


the muji in namba is the largest muji in osaka, with 3 floors and a restaurant in the basement.

it's in the same building as tower records. the streets behind these buildings are the center of restaurant supply shops in osaka, where you can get all kinds of kitchen gadgets for cheaper than elsewhere.

the atrium inside the namba muji store, looking down into the restaurant.

namba parks なんばパークス

namba parks is a brand new shopping center, with theaters and restaurants.

kulasu season

kulasu season is another shop nearby on the same floor of namba parks, which has housewares and a nice selection of craft books.


here's a map showing these places in namba, and also the entrance to the shisaibashi suji arcade (next).


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wooden blocks from muji

adorable wooden blocks from my favorite store-muji.

they each come in a small cloth bag, and include distinctive landmarks/buildings/vehicles. the tallest buildings are about 10 cm, and the cars and animals are 1-2 cm.

hong kong
new york


muji restaurant

larger muji stores also have muji restaurants, usually at the basement level, where you can choose items a la carte, or try a healthy combination meal.

in the kansai area, muji restaurants are in the kyoto muji, the kobe muji store (in the kobe BAL building) and in the osaka namba muji store.


tokyo city blocks from muji

tokyo buildings blocks.