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easiest clothes for baby and kids, my new favorite japanese craft book

recently, i needed to make a bunch of baby presents for friends, and i knew it was time to take the plunge and get a japanese sewing for baby book. this was pretty daunting, because there are so many choices out there! i knew that i wanted one that included the fabulous japanese monkey pants (so so cute) and also some basic projects that i could sew using cute cotton knit fabrics for kids.

after multiple trips to the bookstore, where i would look at all the baby sewing books, and get confused and overwhelmed, i found myself coming back to this one over and over. it had so much variety, and so many projects that i wanted to try.

it has the wonderful cute japanese 'monkey pants', as well as bibs, shirts, dresses, panks, hats, leggings, romper and diaper covers. it also had a nice range of ages, so there are projects for new babies, toddlers up to 3.

full size paper pieces are included as an inset (you will have to trace them since the pattern lines overlap). all instructions in japanese, but if you are familiar with basic sewing you should have no problem. details are shown with step by step photos.

more photos in this flickr set:

37 projects total, 108 pages.
isbn 9784529048422

and now that i've tried it out, I have a new copy in the shop!


here are the things i made:

bibs-super fast, super easy! i used a bright tourquise nani iro gauze for 1 side. i love this fabric, so bright and modern.

and some organic cotton striped knit for the other side.

monkey pants!! also pretty easy, and i liked the pattern a lot.

and then i used a pattern from the book for a little shirt, and made up a whale using some of the nani iro. it was really fun to just whip up a bunch of sewing projects--and finally send them off!


isbn 457911017X handmade zakka for baby

this is one of the books in the lovely 'handmade zakka' series. zakka is a trend in japan, related to making simple beautiful crafts for daily life.

this volume includes lots of sweet projects for babies and kids. some are sewn, and some combine sewing and knitting. there is a lot of linen and pale colors, some patchwork.

sewing projects include: baby shoes, bib, sewn wall pocket, baby quilt, baby T shirt, romper, and blouse, daiper bag, and lined basket.

sewing and knitting projects included: baby shoes, knit bags, afghan and mini cushion, house-shaped box, pouch, baby clothes hanger, sachet blocks, and placemat.

additional projects using cloth tape: mini basket, yacht tray, mini bag, bath set, and vase cover.

all the written instructions are in japanese, and for a new sewer, you probably would want to ask a crafty mentor to help you figure out the patterns. that being said, the directions include lots of diagrams with measurements in cm, and all the sewing is very straightfoward. there are also beginning knitting instructions.

59 pages.

flickr set here.



isbn 457910998 handmade zakka, things to make with a carefree mood

this book is one of the excellent handmade zakka series. it has so many projects! they are for fabric and sewn projects in a variety of sizes.

they are grouped generally by fabric type: liberty print; linen and lace; and check and stripe.

there are skirts, scarves, blouses, dresses, tops, aprons, hair handkerchief...

bags(large and small, sling, shoulder) cases (card, tissues, telephone, pen) book cover, water bottle case, and pin cushions...

items for the home (cushion covers, cases, hangers, cafe curtain, towel, placemat and doily, tea cozy, coasters, and potholder, basket, cutlery case.

all directions are in japanese. there are many clear diagrams and pictures showing how to make the projects. if you have some sewing experience, i think you will be able to figure out all the projects without any trouble. the sewing itself is very simple. if you are a beginner sewer, you might want to ask a friend to help you with some of the projects.

59 pages.

flickr set here.



isbn 9784072463857 for sweet baby, hand made gifts

the title of this wonderful japanese craft book is 'for sweet baby: hand made gifts.' it's full of perfect handmade gifts for a new baby that are easy to make.

what's special about this book is that it includes a wide variety of projects, from sewing, embroidery, applique, and handmade rubber stamps. projects include: hand sewn fabric baby shoes, bibs, a baby blanket, diaper bag, diaper case, baby bottle case, baby hat, cushion, covered hanger, adorable stuffed toys, a bug mobile with felt balls, rabbits and mice stuffed animals, soft building blocks, a polar bear backpack for kids, embroidery patterns and embellishment ideas for baby clothes, and rubber stamp patterns and instructions.

all written instructions are in japanese, although there are clear diagrams and pictures showing the construction process. this book is geared for beginners, and has step by step photos that show how to sew on a button, insert a zipper, and several different basic hand sewing stitches. that being said, since it's in japanese, you would probably be better off if you had some basic sewing skills, and then the photos and diagrams would be easy to understand and interpret.

95 pages.

flickr set here.


isbn 4309280730 small articles made of wool felt for baby フェルトのこものベビーのこもの

includes projects for handpuppets, a hat, rattle, bags, shoes, cushions, accessories, and more cute things. 23 projects total.
all written instructions are in japanese, but there are clear diagrams and step by step photos for the different kinds of projects, and lovely images of the finished works.
both needle and wet felting projects are included, some projects combine both techniques.
this is a good book for someone who already understands the basics of felting. if you know how to felt around a flat resist, the wet felting projects should be no problem.

71 pages.

flickr set here