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easiest clothes for baby and kids, my new favorite japanese craft book

recently, i needed to make a bunch of baby presents for friends, and i knew it was time to take the plunge and get a japanese sewing for baby book. this was pretty daunting, because there are so many choices out there! i knew that i wanted one that included the fabulous japanese monkey pants (so so cute) and also some basic projects that i could sew using cute cotton knit fabrics for kids.

after multiple trips to the bookstore, where i would look at all the baby sewing books, and get confused and overwhelmed, i found myself coming back to this one over and over. it had so much variety, and so many projects that i wanted to try.

it has the wonderful cute japanese 'monkey pants', as well as bibs, shirts, dresses, panks, hats, leggings, romper and diaper covers. it also had a nice range of ages, so there are projects for new babies, toddlers up to 3.

full size paper pieces are included as an inset (you will have to trace them since the pattern lines overlap). all instructions in japanese, but if you are familiar with basic sewing you should have no problem. details are shown with step by step photos.

more photos in this flickr set:

37 projects total, 108 pages.
isbn 9784529048422

and now that i've tried it out, I have a new copy in the shop!


here are the things i made:

bibs-super fast, super easy! i used a bright tourquise nani iro gauze for 1 side. i love this fabric, so bright and modern.

and some organic cotton striped knit for the other side.

monkey pants!! also pretty easy, and i liked the pattern a lot.

and then i used a pattern from the book for a little shirt, and made up a whale using some of the nani iro. it was really fun to just whip up a bunch of sewing projects--and finally send them off!


isbn 9784579111183 nordic knitting-ten fabulous techniques, japanese craft book

this book is in japanese and english, and shows 10 knitting techniques from nordic countries: finland, denmark, sweden, estonia, and norway.

the techniques are: kornas tapestry crochet and fur tape from finalnd, domino knitting from denmark, i cord, naverstickning from sweden (which is similar to entrelac in europe and america, and ajiro ani in japan), estonia kihnu vits, estonian spiral, a crown from norway, tubular stitch, bead knitting.

the basic directions for each project are given in both japanese and english, as well as very clear step by step photos.

flickr set here


isbn 9784391138047 rilakkuma cute felt mascots japanese craft book

this book features the very popular japanese characture rilakkuma or 'relaxing bear,' and many projects to make your own felt rilakkuma.

this book is unique because it includes both needle felting projects and projects using sewn craft felt. this means that not only it this book great for beginners, but you can really use which ever projects or methods you want to try.

flickr set here.


yurindo 有隣堂

yurindo is a book store with locations in the tokyo/yokohama area. yurido locations. the best and biggest bookstore in yokohama, the landmark tower location has a great selection of english books.


junkudo ジュンク堂 book store

address: 神戸市中央区三宮町1-6-18

junkudo is the largest book store in kobe. on the central shopping arcade (sannomiya center gai), it has 4 floors, including a good selection of craft books on the 3rd floor, and english books/guidebooks/textbooks.

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