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isbn 9784391138047 rilakkuma cute felt mascots japanese craft book

this book features the very popular japanese characture rilakkuma or 'relaxing bear,' and many projects to make your own felt rilakkuma.

this book is unique because it includes both needle felting projects and projects using sewn craft felt. this means that not only it this book great for beginners, but you can really use which ever projects or methods you want to try.

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isbn 9784529046046 many cute fruits and vegetables

this book is the most amazing book i've seen for making play food. it includes lots and lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as some other japanese lunch/bento items. some of the fruits and veggies are distinctively japanese, although most are recognizable around the world. what sets this book apart is not only the wide variety of projects, but also the precise and well thought out level of detail to really make these foods look delightful!

this book is really lovely in the way it depicts the foods, whole or in cut pieces, often including the pieces of food that could be put together or taken apart. for example, a bunch of bananas, apple slices, or lemon wedges. some of these use velcro in a few spots or magnets to let them attach to each other.

it has a whole huge array of fruit (apples, pears, grapes, bananas, kiwis, lemons, persimmons, strawberries, watermelon) and veggies (tomato, peas, cucumbers, carrots, onions, potatos, garlic, corn, lettuce/cabbage, japanese sweet potato, mushrooms, turnip, carrot, daikon radish, pumpkins, gobo, green onion/leeks). in addition, there are also all the parts to make a ham sandwich, or egg on toast, and japanese lunch classics like fried shrimp, dumplings, and rice balls. also, there are pancakes and desert food like strawberry cake, and ice cream.

the names of each food are written in english and japanese, but all the instructions are written in japanese only. that shouldn't be a problem for you to make them though, since there are detailed step by step photos and diagrams of the process, and patterns for the pieces are also included!

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isbn 9784569699950 small things for daily life made of felt

this book is full of lovely items made of sewn felt. from bags and accessories, to housewares and decorations, the projects in this book range in size and complexity.

all written directions in in japanese, but the projects are quite simple, and easy to understand with the process diagrams and photos that are included.

there are 27 projects, including appliqued pillows, clothes, and a blanket, embroidered labels and hanging decorations, woven slippers, coasters, placemats, and a tea cozy, bags and small dishes, scarf, and apron.

95 pages.

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isbn 483472509X small handmade things made of felt

this book has an amazing variety of projects using felt. mainly they are projects that use craft felt, often combined with other fabric.

cut and sewn, applique, corsages, pouches, book covers, containers, placemats, coasters and even stuffies. cases for scissors and dog and apple-shaped pincusions. a lot of great ideas and designs for combining felt with other fabrics, or using multiple layers of different color felt. bags, wallets, and key holders. pillows and even slippers.

there is one needlefelting project, but this book is not about how to make felt. rather, it's about how to use felt--like fabric--to cut and sew into a huge variety of useful or decorative crafts.

the directions are all in japanese, but the clear step by step diagrams that are included means that there should be no problems figuring out all the designs. all can be hand sewn, and there are also instructions for hand-stitching the edges and some other applique.

88 pages.
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