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japanese-english crochet and knitting vocabulary resources

whip up's guide to japanese translation resources online:

we love amigurumi livejournal:

purly shells guide to reading japanese crochet patterns

hass design list of us/japanese crochet symbols

clearwaterknits guide to knitting charts:

a blog listing lots of japanese knitting resources:

fluff buff's explanation of japanese knitting symbols:

the needle arts bookshop has a very comprehensive japanese knitting information

ABCs of knitting website dictionary and charts: and



isbn 4391130122 the life of amigurumi cats: a heap of cats あみねこのいる生活:ねこやま

full title: life of amigurumi cats: a heap of cats

exclusively amigurumi cats, but with an exhaustive range of emotions and activities. a lot of them are different places and ways to nap, which i guess is a fairly accurate representation of a cat's life!

the written directions are all in japanese, but there are amigurumi stitch charts for each part, and excellent photos.

the patterns include cat variations, like facial expressions and stripe patterns. also there are patterns for accessories.

71 pages.

flickr set here.


isbn 4529043053 teeny tiny amigurumi 小さな小さなあみぐるみ

this japanese book has patterns for characters that are wee even by amigurumi standards! there are many pages of photo illustrations of the construction process, which uses a very fine yarn. most are between 5-8 cm tall; there are elephants, lions, dogs, cats, pigs, monkeys, russian dolls, kewpie dolls, a ladybug, a caterpillar, snails, figure puppets.
there are about 16 projects total, plus variations.

71 pages.

flickr set here.


isbn 4309265723 amigurumi collection あみぐるみcollection

chalk full of adorable creatures, and the pattens and instructions to crochet them. 16 projects are presented in great detail and diagram; although the words are all japanese, the pictures are very clear and go step by step.

71 pages.

flickr set here.


isbn 4579111192 felt and fabric rendezvous フェルトが布と出逢いったら

the book is beautiful, very simple, natural and organic patterns and colors. the photography itself is lovely.

with a palette of natural wool colors, the projects include various combinations of felt with fabric. these combinations make for some completely original items.

projects include: nuno-felted scarf and nuno felt spots on skirts and bags; hangers and other items covered with felt; felt combined with knit slippers and scarves; small decorative felt items; a variety of felt bags; felt coasters and placements in natural hues.

i think this book is best suited for an experienced felter.
the directions are in japanese, and while there are how-to diagrams, many of the projects are a little complex. there are also simple projects that are flat work, but if you wanted to try many projects, this book would be very challenging for a beginner. it does have beautiful pictures and the projects show off the beauty of totally natural wool.

95 pages.

flickr set here.