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isbn 9784277563185 needlefelted small dogs

this book is full of adorable little needle felted dogs, 16 different breeds plus a few friends (a cat and hamster).

it includes: miniature dachshund, chihauhau, toy poodle, shiba, french bulldog, yorkshire terrier, miniature schnauzer, beagle, papillon, pomeranian, pug, shetland sheepdog, shih tzu, labrador retriever and puppies, dalmation. also there is a cat, hamster, cake, and mini dog cell phone straps.

the directions are in japanese, but there are clear and detailed diagrams and photos showing how to make the basic needlefelted body, using wire for the core, and then how to make the specific details for each dog. each project explains with drawings and diagrams, what proportions/sizes make up the different dogs.

flickr set here.


isbn 4579110153 'fleece dog'

photos and directions for needle felting 20 different specific breeds of dogs:

labrador retriever, miniature dachshunds, shiba, french bulldog, wire-haired fox terrier, siberian husky, chihuahua, miniature schnauzer, pomeranian, papillon, dalmatian, catalan sheepdog, bernese mountain dog, scottish terrier, west highland white terrier, afghan hound, toy poodle, shetland sheepdog, cavalier king charles spaniel, and petit basset griffon vendeen.

the project titles and table of contents are in english and japanese. the text for the step-by-step instructions is all in japanese only, but the photos and diagrams are very clear and easy to understand. for each one of the 20 breeds, there is a full page diagramming the dimensions, shapes, and parts that make up that dog, as well has photos from every angle showing the completed project. there is also a detailed step-by-step photo process showing how to make and assemble each part.

this book is now available in english too!

79 pages.

flickr set here.