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isbn 978452904565 easy handmade sashiko embroidery

the wonderful japanese craft book combines traditional sashiko patterns with many useful and cute sewing projects. it shows basic sashiko stitches, on simple towels, placemats, table runners and coasters. there are original tea cozies, pot holders, pin cushions, book covers, bags, drawstring purse, coin purses, pillows, and an apron.

full flickr set here:

it shows how to draw and transfer your own pattern, and includes a selection of traditional sashiko patterns for you to copy.

79 pages.


isbn 9784277311711 sashiko towels

this book is all about how to make pretty towels with sashiko embroidery that have a great variety of everyday uses. a full flickr set of projects from this book is here:

sashiko embroidery is a traditional japanese needle craft, with repeating stitches that create a beautiful overall pattern. this book has a number of designs that can be used on hand towels or small cloths, to create a lovely and useful textile works.

most of the projects are designed for and shown as 35 cm square or 32 by 42 cm sized towels, but you could easily modify the patterns if you wanted to make a smaller or larger project. the patterns range from simple geometric designs, including very traditional motifs, to more modern and contemporary designs such as tea cups or cooking pot, to those that include cute mushrooms, flowers and bunnies.

what’s wonderful about this book is that the full patterns are included, so you can easily copy them, and each pattern is also shown in detail, along with the stitching directions and a sample of the finished product. All the written instructions are in japanese, but the very detailed and well-documented process included great photos, so you should have no trouble at all recreating any or all of these projects. there are directions for how to make a pattern using transfer paper or a fabric marker. if you are brand new to sashiko or embroidery, you might want to look up some basic information about it in english first, but these projects are very straightforward.

71 pages.


sashiko zakka 

now out of print, this book uses the traditional japanese embroidery technique of sashiko to embellish a variety of sewing projects. traditional sashiko uses the repition of many tiny stiches to create an overall pattern.

full flickr set of images from this book here:

the projects in this book use the same embroidery process to create large and small images, repeating patterns, geometric shapes, and other cute designs. projects include: bags, furoshiki (wrapping cloth), pouches, book covers, pot holders, tea cozies and coasters, placemats and aprons, napkins, cushion covers, curtains and tablecloths, hanging decorations/ornaments, vase covers, and ideas for embroidery on clothes.

all the written directions are in japanese, but there are clear photos of basic stitches, and patterns and diagrams for all the projects. the projects have a bit of a range from simple to intermediate difficulty, although with some sewing experience, you should be able to recreate all the projects in this book. for even a complete beginner, you can use all the embroidery ideas and make the simpler projects. the patterns for the sewing projects are included (they overlap, so you need to photocopy them and then cut out the ones you are using), as are the embroidery patterns.

71 pages.