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isbn 9784277431156 hats made of felt フェルトでつくる帽子

this is an inspirational book of lovely hats, with many variations. it's a great book to look at to see how many ways felt hats can turn out and look stunning.

there are also scarves and flower corsage patterns, and bucket bags.

the complete subtitle is 'felt hat, bag, muffler and corsage A-Z' and there are 26 different patterns, each numbered with an alphabet letter, plus many with extra variations

the majority are hats-20 different basic designs plus variations. the hats include beret, cap, cloche, floppy brims, earflaps, and a whole range of decorations and embellishments.

there are also several scarf, bag, and corsage patterns.

please note: although there are clear diagrams and photos showing the step by step process, this is a good book for an intermediate/advanced felter. written instructions are in japanese, and for making hats you need to felt around a resist, and use a hat mold for shaping. so for your first hat, this is a good book for inspiration, but would be difficult as a primary resource.

83 pages.

flickr set here.