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shinsaibashi 心斎橋

this section is actually about shinsaibashi suji, the shopping arcade that runs between namba (to the south) and shinsaibashi subway station (to the north). the shopping arcade actaully continues further north, but the places and pictures that follow are form the section between these two subway stations.

standing a little bit north of namba station, you have this view facing north. this is the entrance to the shopping arcade, next to the huge toho cinema building.

this is the view if you look to your right, leading back towards the area where kitchen supplies are sold.

toraya fabric store

this store has a nice selection of cute japanese prints on the first floor. the notions selction on an upper floor is also good. it's very close to namba station, on shinsaibashi suji.

athens book store

decent selection of craft books on the first floor in the back near the elevator. also english and art books on an upper floor.


picture coming soon

sanrio store (hello kitty ground zero)

multilevel store with all the hello kitty goods you might ever want, and more.

kawachi artists and designers supply

great source for art and craft supplies, including gocco supplies.

tokyu hands

biggest and best tokyu hands in osaka/kansai. a little bit off of the pedestrian shopping arcade. when you see this street, with the big shoe store step, cross the street then walk to the right.

walk past adidas and the gap, and tokyu hands is on your left.

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