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Entries in hyakumanben (6)


january 15th 2011 chionji handmade market

photos from january's handmade market at chioji temple, hyakumanben, are in a flickr set here. this market is held on the 15th of each month.

i love the tiny felt darumas and bunnies together!


august 2007 handmade market 

it was so hot!


june 2007 handmade market

since summer is here, the handmade market at chionji temple in kyoto (the 15th of every month) has been really busy. lots of cute new summer things for sale, of the glass summer bells (above) or whimsical creatures (below).
lots of zakka

and awesome feltmakers whose work i hadn't seen before. these dolls are so lovely!
and crazy tissue holders in the shape of animal heads!
and wee walnut mice.


april 2007 tezukuri market


it was a lot busier than the winter markets! it was a beautiful day, and everyone seemed happy to be out in the sunshine buying handmade crafts.


tezukuri (handmade) market, chionji

this was my second time to visit the handmade market in kyoto. held on the 15th of every month, it is on the grounds of chion-ji temple. called hyakumanben, its in the northeast of kyoto, near the university. an easy way to get there is to take the number 201 loop bus to the hyakumanben stop.

i got to the market earlier than i had last month, and there were tons more people and vendors. i guess the time to be there is 9am-2pm. after that, vendors start packing up, although there's likely still plenty to see until 4ish. these first 2 photos are cute felt things: the top one is of key chain holders--popular in japan.

the second pair of photos is amazing felt jewelry by simsim, who uses various color palates to create exuberant pieces.

here are some more photos around the market: