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felt cafe japan benefit

i'm still feeling a bit overwelmed. by the situation in japan. and a bit helpless right now, but with a desire to help. i am sure that these feelings are shared by many. 

one thing that has happened and will continue to happen is that i won't be posting here quite as often. i will get back to writing about other crafty japanese things, i promise. just not right away. thanks for understanding.

for now, i've but a few things in my etsy shop, and 100% of the sale will be donated.

including the red felt ninja above,

i more simple felt ball charm,


and some fabric with traditional japanese family crests.


i feels good to go back to making felt with my own hands, in support of something i care so much about.

please stop by, you might need a wee felt ninja of your own....



isbn 9784579112609 100 felt mascots

this book has an amazing number of cute felt mascots, all make from wool using needlefelting.

these projects are perfect for complete beginners, with some that have simple shapes that are the easiest to make. but the variety and detail and vast number of projects can inspire felt makers with more experience as well.

projects include fruits, veggies, japanese snacks, other foods, sweets, bento food, cheese and beer!

they are all shown on a cord to use for a cell phone strap, and also include a whole number of whimsical facial expressions sewn on.

all written instructions are in japanese, but the very clear diagrams show how to make a basic needlefelted ball, and how to modify it for other shapes, and also how to make the faces.

63 pages.

flickr set here.


isbn 9784766119671 needlefelted japanese sweets

this book is an amazing collection of needle felted japanese sweets. there is a wide variety of items, and a good range from simple to more complex projects. all written instructions are in japanese, although diagrams and photos give a pretty clear explanation, and most projects are so simple that you could recreate them just by looking at them. a beginning needle felter would have no problem with the simpler projects, and be able to work their way through the book. that being said, if you have never tried needle felting before, you might want to look up some simple instructions in english before starting these projects.

95 pages.

flickr set here.


isbn 9784277563185 needlefelted small dogs

this book is full of adorable little needle felted dogs, 16 different breeds plus a few friends (a cat and hamster).

it includes: miniature dachshund, chihauhau, toy poodle, shiba, french bulldog, yorkshire terrier, miniature schnauzer, beagle, papillon, pomeranian, pug, shetland sheepdog, shih tzu, labrador retriever and puppies, dalmation. also there is a cat, hamster, cake, and mini dog cell phone straps.

the directions are in japanese, but there are clear and detailed diagrams and photos showing how to make the basic needlefelted body, using wire for the core, and then how to make the specific details for each dog. each project explains with drawings and diagrams, what proportions/sizes make up the different dogs.

flickr set here.


isbn 9784529047579 cute felt small animal friends

this new japanese craft book has a great selection of original and creative little needle felted animals.

projects include: cat's toy store with a little mouse, little rabbit rocket, airplane, and ball;  koala, a fat squirrel with an acorn, mama rabbit with mini sweets and fruit, a duck with a bonnet, a bear with cookies, kangaroo and platypus with flowers, bunny with a teddy bear, panda, dogs and cat with dangling legs, otter, bear with a drum, squirrels with horns, and rabbit with maracas, polar bear mom and baby, cell phone charms with round sheep or chicks, hedgehog with mushroom, squirrel with acorn, penguin and seal post office, pig and hippo, mini bunnies bears dogs on cell phone charms, mini snacks, baby bear.

the written directions are all english, but the very detailed step by step instructions with photos, and the large diagrams for each project show you how to make them.

73 pages.

flickr set here.