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isbn 4894444488 kamawanu postcard book かまわぬだよりの十二か月

kamawanu diary 12 month post card book かまわぬだよりの十二ヶ月

this small post card book is a collection of 24 classic traditional patterns that are linked to seasonal events and customs. it includes brief english and japanese explanations, and the posts are actually detachable and can be mailed, leaving a small stub in the book with that pattern.

tsuru kame 鶴亀つるかめ new years day (lit. crane turtle)

shidare ume しだれ梅 しだれうめ plum festival

kinome 木の芽 きのめ pepper leaf buds (spring delicacy).

sakura fubuki さくらふぶき桜吹雪 cherry blossom viewing

ayame あやめ iris

ryuyu kingyo りゅうゆきんぎょ scooping goldfish

kawatsuki suica 皮付きすいか watermelon splitting

oo-giku 大菊crysanthemum fesival

kikyo tsunagi ききょつなぎ autumn grasses

odori nadeshiko おどり撫で子 pink autumn grass