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weaving in kyoto, the nishijin textile center 西陣織工業組合

nishijin weaving is the traditional style of weaving in kyoto, and the nishijin area is the part of the city that is home to the weaving and supporting industries. a visit to the nishijin textile center is a good introduction to the history.

nishijin textile center 西陣織工業組合

address: horikawa-imadegawa minami-iru kamigyo-ku, kyoto 京都市上京区堀川通今出川南入

phone: (075)432-6131


map showing the nishijin textile center.

view of the building from the outside.

the nishijin weaving style originated about 500 years ago, when a group of weavers were introduced to silk weaving techniques from china, and lived in the western camp (nishijin) of a general at the time.the textile center is a large and has comprehensive displays, including looms.
mini dioramas of (i guess) traditional silk stores?in the end though, the nishijin textile center is a big souvenir has a variety of mini cultural courses. i haven't tried any of their classes, but for anyone seriously interested in crafts, i recommend orinasu kan (following post) instead for a hands on workshop.