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isbn 4309280110 tenugui guide 手ぬぐい案内

tenugui guide: cute, fun, new, welcome to 'the world of tenugui'

this is a sweet little guide to tenugi towels made by many differnent designers and companie. it includes photos of the towel's designs, as well as projects you can make using the towels, and ingenious ways to use and fold them. there is also a guide to shops the sell tenugui towels, with their address and websites. all text is in japanese, but you can thuroughly enjoy this book through the pictures.

pages with designs grouped by color.

a map showing the famous tenugui shop kamawanu in daikanyama, tokyo, and other shops nearby.

projects using tenugui

index of tenugui shops

index of tenugui shops


natural indigo dyestuff displayed at the miho museum

the gift shop at the miho musuem has a display about natural dyes, which also includes these parts of the natural japanese indigo dye process.
'dry indigo': the japanese says 'kansou aiba' which means, dried leaves of the 'ai' or japanese indigo (polygonum) plant.
'indigotin' (which i believe is actually what is found in all varieties of indigo): the japanese says 'sukumo,' which is actually the specific name for the 'ai' leaves that are fermented as part of the traditional japanese indigo dye process. more info here.