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Entries in umekoji park (2)


1st thusday market, kyoto

this craft market is in umekoji park, on the 1st thursday of the month. i think its a little smaller than its sister market hyakumanben, at chionji temple on the 15th of the month.


1st thursday market

the people who organize the handmade market at chion-ji temple on the 15th of each month, also are involved with another handmade market in kyoto, this one on the 1st thursday of every month, here. it's in a big park, which was nice and sunny today. by the time i found my way there, it was around 3:30 and everyone was packing up. but it looked great, very similar to the chion-ji market, with lots of traditional and contemporary crafts, from handmade lacquered bowls to linen slippers and everything in between. i will definitely check it out again, and if you do, i suggest you go in the morning!

it's walkable from the kyoto train station, 15 minutes due west.
when you get to this pedestrian overpass, you are half way there. take the stairs that veer to the right, and when you go down on the other side of the street, walk to right of the school and continue west.