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isbn 9784072506424 working with wool 羊毛のしごと

this book is lovely, and includes all aspects of natural wool crafts: felting, spinning, knitting, dyeing, and weaving. the projects are simple and natural, and meant as an introduction for crafters who are beginners at working with wool. since the instructions are in japanese, they are probably most useful as a inspriration than as a first project.

it includes a section that explains the different varieties of sheep and the characteristics of their wool: fleece, spun and plyed.

especially valuable for anyone interested in learning more about japanese natural plant dyes, this section includes photos of the plants growing, the part of the plant used to make the dyes, and the dye results.

collecting acorns in the fall.

this is a detail from the page above, showing the persimmon tree. called kaki or かき カキ in japanese. the 3 photos on the bottom of the page are the materials used: white fleece, leaves of the persimmon tree, and the mordant alum.

3 dyes. upper left: loquat, or japanese medlar. in japanese, it's name is biwa びわ ビワ. the leaves of the plant are used to dye fibers, and it creates one of the most classic of 'japanese natural dye shades'.

top right: acorns and acorn caps. from the oak tree, in japanese kunugi くぬぎ クヌギ.

at bottom: walnut. onigurumi

the outcome: wool dyed with the three differents dyes shown above, all using alum mordants.

top left: flowing cherry tree branches before the flowers bloom hana saku mae no sakura no koeda

top right:chips from the sappanwood tree suou 蘇芳 (すおう)

lower left:alder cones yashabushi 矢車ぶし(やしゃぶし)

lower right: ecualyptus leaves yuukari ユーカリ


kin no hitsuji yarn shop 金の羊

here's my local wool shop in kyoto from the exterior. they sell a lovely variety of corriedale and merino rovings, as well as spinning, felting, and dying supplies and books, both in english and japanese.

i've attended several 'natural' class of a 6 class series that they offer, which were great, and i've posted about them in the 'natural dye journal'. these classes covered carding, spinning, and natural dying. these classes are entirely in japanese, and i would recommend it for anyone who can speak japanese or is living in japan for a long term.

hitsuji wool store homepage