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sashiko zakka 

now out of print, this book uses the traditional japanese embroidery technique of sashiko to embellish a variety of sewing projects. traditional sashiko uses the repition of many tiny stiches to create an overall pattern.

full flickr set of images from this book here:

the projects in this book use the same embroidery process to create large and small images, repeating patterns, geometric shapes, and other cute designs. projects include: bags, furoshiki (wrapping cloth), pouches, book covers, pot holders, tea cozies and coasters, placemats and aprons, napkins, cushion covers, curtains and tablecloths, hanging decorations/ornaments, vase covers, and ideas for embroidery on clothes.

all the written directions are in japanese, but there are clear photos of basic stitches, and patterns and diagrams for all the projects. the projects have a bit of a range from simple to intermediate difficulty, although with some sewing experience, you should be able to recreate all the projects in this book. for even a complete beginner, you can use all the embroidery ideas and make the simpler projects. the patterns for the sewing projects are included (they overlap, so you need to photocopy them and then cut out the ones you are using), as are the embroidery patterns.

71 pages.


isbn 457911017X handmade zakka for baby

this is one of the books in the lovely 'handmade zakka' series. zakka is a trend in japan, related to making simple beautiful crafts for daily life.

this volume includes lots of sweet projects for babies and kids. some are sewn, and some combine sewing and knitting. there is a lot of linen and pale colors, some patchwork.

sewing projects include: baby shoes, bib, sewn wall pocket, baby quilt, baby T shirt, romper, and blouse, daiper bag, and lined basket.

sewing and knitting projects included: baby shoes, knit bags, afghan and mini cushion, house-shaped box, pouch, baby clothes hanger, sachet blocks, and placemat.

additional projects using cloth tape: mini basket, yacht tray, mini bag, bath set, and vase cover.

all the written instructions are in japanese, and for a new sewer, you probably would want to ask a crafty mentor to help you figure out the patterns. that being said, the directions include lots of diagrams with measurements in cm, and all the sewing is very straightfoward. there are also beginning knitting instructions.

59 pages.

flickr set here.



isbn 457910998 handmade zakka, things to make with a carefree mood

this book is one of the excellent handmade zakka series. it has so many projects! they are for fabric and sewn projects in a variety of sizes.

they are grouped generally by fabric type: liberty print; linen and lace; and check and stripe.

there are skirts, scarves, blouses, dresses, tops, aprons, hair handkerchief...

bags(large and small, sling, shoulder) cases (card, tissues, telephone, pen) book cover, water bottle case, and pin cushions...

items for the home (cushion covers, cases, hangers, cafe curtain, towel, placemat and doily, tea cozy, coasters, and potholder, basket, cutlery case.

all directions are in japanese. there are many clear diagrams and pictures showing how to make the projects. if you have some sewing experience, i think you will be able to figure out all the projects without any trouble. the sewing itself is very simple. if you are a beginner sewer, you might want to ask a friend to help you with some of the projects.

59 pages.

flickr set here.



isbn 4579110080 handmade zakka-cute things you can make with traditional japanese towels

this book is part of the handmade zakka series. it has patterns for projects that use the traditional japanese towel, or tenugui as the fabric. really any cotton cloth works the same way, but the bright prints have a special japanese feeling.

the projects include a kid's apron, pillowcase, eye pillow, cutlery wrap, coaster/hotpad, tea cozy, cushion, basket liner, tissue cover, bib, coin purse/pouches, carrying wrap, book cover, kid's shirt and shorts, pencil case, cell phone holder, mini scarflet, wine bottle case, and shoulder bag.

some of these projects are very traditional japanese items, most are very versatile and contemporary. the projects themselves mostly require very simple sewing, and patterns are included (printed in the book-they would need to be enlarged on a copy machine). the instructions are all in japanese, however there are diagrams and sketches showing how to make them. if you have some sewing experience, i think it would be no problem to figure out all the projects easily.

59 pages.

flickr set here.


isbn 4277430724 simple zakka and a bag of felt wool フェルトど雑貨を作ったら

this book includes many wet-felted projects like bags, coasters, and lots of decorative and functional items to use at home. the coasters include the application of needle-felting patterns. the unique combination of techniques in this book is the combination of felting and crochet, both with yarn and with raffia.

there are 23 different projects, with lovely photos . althougth the text is entirely in japanese, there are clear instruction diagrams and pictures, both for wet- and needle- felted projects and crochet additions.

55 pages.

flickr set here.